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Knowing the best place to bring your Chevy in for repairs is important. You might have questions on what happens to your vehicle if someone isn’t well versed in Chevy service. You definitely don’t want to worry about paying too much. Or maybe you want one place to get all your Chevy service completed, whether it’s routine maintenance or a bigger repair needed.

Vern Eide Chevrolet Buick GMC has great news, and solutions to all those scenarios. Our professionally trained Chevy mechanics are required to know the in’s and out’s of every Chevy vehicle, which allows our Chevy dealership to offer Chevy Certified Service. From oil changes to complex engine repair, our certified mechanics know what it takes to get your Chevy back up and running so you can continue to enjoy this classic American brand, Chevrolet.

We’ve listed out the top reasons Chevy Certified Service is the absolute best place to get all degrees of tune-ups for your Chevy car, truck or SUV.


No matter what happens with your vehicle, you can expect clear communication from our team. Sometimes a minor repair or regular upkeep for your vehicle might be listed in your owner’s manual and something that can be completed at home. With Chevy Certified Service it’s easy to know what you need and our team will walk you through all necessary steps. If it’s a more rigorous repair needed we explain everything to make sure all your questions are answered.


Our certified Chevy mechanics are required to know all things Chevy. Our team is dedicated to ongoing education and research so they always know what it takes to fix a Chevrolet. Our men and women take classes, go through the certification process, research manuals and learn how each Chevy model works to better prepare to give expert service in a professional atmosphere. You can trust these Certified Chevy technicians to get the job done right the first time – nobody knows your Chevy better than them.


Chevy is known for craftsmanship and high quality, safe vehicles. Knowing how to fix your Chevy is only part of the solution; having access to updated technology is also crucial. We have advanced computer systems and specialized designs that allow our Chevy technicians and mechanics to fix your vehicle the right way. Not all independent mechanics have Chevy technology to fix newer models. Our team can get the work done the right way without having to outsource or skimp on repairs.


When you go to some other mechanic, you may not know what to do when the job gets done incorrectly – and that’s a failure of accountability. By trusting Chevy Certified Service, you can know that your service work is guaranteed with the reach and the customer service that only Chevy offers. Don’t guess, know your service is done the right way, every day.

Nobody else can compare to the security that comes from working with one of America’s most trusted auto brands. Chevrolet has worked very hard to protect its drivers for decades, and Chevy Certified Service is an ideal example of how Chevy helps its drivers stay on the road and stay driving for miles ahead. Head over to Vern Eide Chevrolet Buick GMC, your local Certified Chevy Service center and see how we can help service your Chevy vehicle the right way!
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