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How does Chevy make a trailer invisible?

Often referred to as the “Chevy invisible trailer” or trailer camera system feature, this groundbreaking camera technology designed specifically to make towing easier, will change the way you look at trailering forever. So how does the new Chevy Silverado truck see through a trailer?

Chevy’s wireless trailer camera technology has done the impossible, using cameras to make objects invisible. Sounds impossible, right? Read on to find out how it works.

The Chevy Trailer Camera System, Explained

Thanks to available camera packages that allow for up to 15 different viewpoints*, the camera behind the trailer delivers crisp, unobstructed views, compared with regular blind spot cameras with a compatible trailer attached.

Ride along with Vern Eide GM in Mitchell as we explore the Transparent Trailer View feature.

Chevy Transparent Trailer View Infotainment Screen

How does the Chevy Transparent Trailer View work?

Improving On Rear Camera View Displays Using The Infotainment Screen To Reduce Blind Spots

Visibility issues were always inevitable when towing large objects, until now. Provided that your truck has been properly equipped and the system is compatible with your trailer, Transparent Trailer View will combine different camera angles of the area behind your truck and trailer, and display this virtual image on your infotainment screen. No longer will South Dakota drivers have to depend solely on their traditional rearview mirror for help! Chevy’s Transparent Trailer View allows the driver to virtually see through a conventional hitched box or camping trailer as if it were invisible. Monitor Trailer Contents while staying aware of the truck’s surroundings in a new way, visually showing obstructions with multiple camera views.

How do you set up Chevy Transparent Trailer Camera?

Before we make whatever you’re trailering invisible (virtually, of course), you will have to set up Transparent Trailer View. You will need a properly equipped truck, a compatible trailer, trailering camera system and tools to install the accessory camera. Make sure you have the following things listed below before you get started:

Chevy Transparent Trailer View Tools Icon

Tools and Instructions

  • Ladder
  • Hand drill and bits
  • Wrenches
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape measure or trailer dimensions
  • Pencil
Chevy Transparent Trailer View Truck Icon

Properly Equipped Truck

  • Technology Package
  • Auxiliary Trailer Camera
Chevy Transparent Trailer View Camper Icon

Compatible Trailer

  • Conventional hitch type
  • Box or camping-style trailer
  • No more than 32 feet in length

Chevy invisible trailer camera installation

Perform the following steps to set up Transparent Trailer View on your properly equipped Chevy truck:

1. Install the Accessory Trailer Camera. To enable Transparent Trailer View, you will need to mount the accessory trailer camera in a specific area on the back of your trailer. Click on the more button to see detailed instructions.

The ideal position to mount the camera lens is:

  • Horizontally: centered on the back of your trailer.
  • Vertically: 4 inches higher than the tailgate camera on the back of your truck. Measure the height from the ground to the tailgate camera on the back of your truck (your trailer should be hitched when you do this), then add 4 inches to find the ideal vertical position on the back of your trailer Important: Your target for mounting the camera should be no more than 8 inches away from this ideal position.
  • Angled 35 degrees downward from the horizontal. Markings on the mounting unit can help you find this position.

Mount the camera. Then, route and secure the wiring harness on the outside of the trailer. For routing guidelines, read the camera installation instructions provided at purchase.

Connect the camera to the connector at the trailer hitch. It should be connected to the rear trailer camera port.

2. Enter the trailer’s dimensions into your Trailer Profile. Via the home screen of your truck’s infotainment system, tap the trailering icon to enter your compatible trailer’s exact dimensions into the Trailer Profile. Click on the more button to see detailed instructions.

From your trailer profile screen, select Towing Assistance Setup › Transparent Trailer › Yes, Get Started

Follow the prompts on screen to enter the seven required dimensions (round up to the nearest inch or centimeter), using the diagrams to find the right place to measure. You’ll be asked to enter:

  1. Center of coupler to furthest rear point
  2. Center of coupler to middle of tires
  3. Left edge to right edge of the trailer
  4. Ground to tallest point of trailer
  5. Ground to top of coupler
  6. Center of coupler to trailer front wall
  7. Hitch receiver to center of ball

Once all dimensions are entered, select “Save and Continue.” Then, begin the calibration steps detailed in the next section.

You can also use the myChevrolet or myGMC Mobile App3 to enter your trailer’s dimensions on your compatible smartphone if you have active connected services4. This way, you don’t have to go back and forth between the trailer and the infotainment screen with measurements. Then, you can sync your profile information between the truck and the mobile app.

3. Calibrate Transparent Trailer View. The final step is calibrating the Transparent Trailer View system. This process will confirm the dimensions you entered in step #1 to create an accurate view of what’s behind the trailer. To complete the calibration and set up, ensure the trailer is attached, your Trailer Profile is active, and simply drive forward in a straight line. Click on the more button to see detailed instructions.

Calibration begins automatically, but you can monitor the progress by tapping the CAMERA app icon on your infotainment system Home screen.

  • A progress bar will be displayed on the screen.
  • To calibrate, drive forward in a straight path until the progress bar is complete.
  • If you have to turn or speed up, the calibration process will pause and then automatically resume once you straighten out and slow down.
  • The distance you have to drive varies. (It may take several minutes.)
  • The calibration will run in the background until it’s complete.
  • If you shift to Park during the calibration process, you’ll have to restart the process on your next shift into Drive.
  • When calibration is finished, Transparent Trailer View will be active. You will not need to recalibrate this trailer unless you change the dimensions.
1 Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for important feature limitations and information, and use your trailer’s guidelines on how to attach the trailer to your truck, safely. Requires available accessory camera and installation. Not compatible with all trailers. See your dealer for details.2 App functionality and features vary with vehicle equipment and trim level. Data connection may be required. Some features require active service plan and working electrical system.

3 Available on select Apple and Android devices. Service availability, features and functionality vary by vehicle, device and the plan you are enrolled in. User terms apply. Device data connection required. See for details and limitations.

4 Connected services vary by vehicle model and require active service plan, working electrical system, cell reception and GPS signal. Does not include emergency or security services. See for details and limitations.


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